30 May 2019: National March

Welcome to our blog, where we will be detailing the arrangements and organisational details for the first national march to protest the shambolic state of the education system as regards children with special educational needs and disabilities [SEND].

Children have a right to an education. All children. Yet, a large proportion of children in the UK are not currently receiving a suitable education, due to the failings and incompetencies of our national and local governments. Parents are forced to battle these authorities, sometimes for years, just to get this basic right for their children. The emotional, financial and psychological costs of these battles have wrought devastation on many families.

In an effort to bring this national shame to national attention, we have decided to stage a series of marches in protest. These will be held on THURSDAY MAY 30th, 2019 at various locations across the country. Details will be posted here as they become available.

Yorkshire and Humber has its own march Facebook group for supporters wishing to attend a march in the Yorkshire area. East Sussex also has a march group set up for members and supporters wanting to attend the Brighton march. We have a list of area coordinators on our main march group for people wanting information surrounding march locations.

Time to be agreed, however, please look out for publicity and feel free to advertise and promote our campaign!

Nadia Turki